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About.com New Movies: 2012 By Mark Wilson, About.com Guide

  • New Movies: Jul. 30-Aug. 6, 2012

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    Out in cinemas this week: It’s amnesia/blackout week! A man with missing memory tries to sort out who he’s spying for, while another guy with things he can’t remember is actually being controlled by an alien.

    Alien Inhabitant - Leader Motion Pictures
    Leader Motion Pictures

    Alien Inhabitant (2011)

    The writer-director has described this very low-budget indie film as an edgy thriller that combines the likes of Trainspotting, Memento, Requiem for a Dream, and Donny Darko, citing David Cronenberg as his greatest influence–all of which seems to be setting the bar rather high; but what he’s saying is that the emphasis is on developing a dynamic between the supernatural and the psychological, which is always to be preferred to the standard action sci-fi thriller motif of monsters popping up from behind things. Awarded Best Feature Film at the 2011 Northern California Film Festival.
    AKA: Inhabitant.
    The story: Mark struggles with drug addiction following the war. An Alien that only Mark can see manipulates his will, forcing him to commit acts that he cannot recall. As his mind spirals out of control, his closest friends seek to have him committed. But Mark will do anything to stop them, and so will the Alien.
    Starring: James Howarth (Mark Jones), Eva Swan (Abby Myers), Jean Louise O’Sullivan (Alana), Brandon Fisher (Ray), Edward Lee Johnson (Officer Jacobs), Mika Walter (Jimmy), Lana Troy (Carol), Ingrid Bloom (Stacy), Will Rian (Officer Drake).
    Directed by: James Howarth.

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