G’Day I’m James Howarth a multi-role filmmaker, editor, actor, creator, and designer. Some of the roles I perform are video editing, producing, directing, camera, acting, lighting, sound, editing, music and footage acquisition, distribution, advertising, image editing, web design and much more. Whatever your production needs are I can fulfill them whether it be new media, youtube, feature film or industrial.

In my past feature films, I have done over 100 After Effects FX per film and edited between 6000-10000 video clips per film. I have worked on many short-form productions in the same capacity. I am finding multi-talent roles are now in high demand.

I have 20 years of experience in Australia and the USA. Producing from pre-production to post-production required thinking outside the box, brainstorming and working with collaborators. Instead of compromising on a vision I have developed new ways and systems to get around barriers and create efficiency.

Companys I’ve worked with: Super Fast Diet, Stamplevision Productions, Turnkey, Single Malt Films, Digital Myth, Street Heat Productions, LTC Productions, Green Park Productions, GEM Media, Wendy Clancy, Indie Vision Films, Sky Television, Leader Motion Pictures.

Reel available on request.

*Reel and Resume is not a complete list of credits. There are many more videos that are not accessible at this time.