For Superfast Diet videos (19 episodes)


Movie Trailer of my award winning feature film “Alien Inhabitant”.

After Effects

Digital Special FX, Scene Repair, Creative Problem Solving utilizing The Adobe Creative Suite System. Production enhancement: cinematic look, adding set dressing and people, label removal, digital makeup.


Green screen scene.

Cloning one swat man into a swat team.

Turning stationary helicopter into moving one with search light.

Ufo creation, keying and movement.

Title animation and background elements.

Adding background items, shallow depth of field and digital makeup.

Editing and adjusting exposure, levels and rotoscoping.

Fixing aspect ratio and adding a cinematic look to a digital scene.

Removing graffiti, signs, buildings, stabilization and adding shallow depth of field.

Removing trademarked logos, signs and adding a cinematic shallow depth of field.


Adding uniform to actor and creating helicopter interior.

Creating hospital bed post and adding shallow depth of field and dream look.


Removing bottle label and adding shallow depth of field.

Blurring picture (seeming like a shallow depth of field) in the background using two rotoscope methods and adding gentle blurred layers.

Removing numbers and names from wood.

Rotoscope depth of field and turning a daytime scene into a night time scene using rotoscoping.

T-shirt logo removal.