Rogue Cinema Film Review (2014) – By Brian Morton

Rogue Cinema Film Review (2014) – By Brian Morton

Alien Inhabitant (2014) – By Brian Morton

Drug addiction is one of the more overused themes in movies. But, when it’s done differently, it can still be an interesting way to tell a story, and that’s what James Howarth has done with his new movie, Alien Inhabitant.

Mark is a veteran who’s returned from the war with a problem, he has a drug addiction. He’s trying to beat it, but he keeps being set back by an alien…an alien that only he can see…that makes him do things that he, not only wouldn’t ordinarily do, but can’t remember doing! In the end, we’re left wondering whether or not Mark is crazy or if there’s really an alien who’s manipulating him.

Alien Inhabitant is an interesting take on drug addiction, the acting is very good, the story is strong, and the center idea of being addicted to drugs essentially makes you alien to the rest of the world, is something that I hadn’t seen before. I’m giving Alien Inhabitant 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not a perfect movie, it does move a bit slowly, but it’s an interesting, new take on what can be a tired and worn topic. Find out more by heading over to

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